Hmm, it’s been a while! Now that all the hoopla from the holidays is over…it’s time to get back to business! I’ve got lots of fun stuff planned for the next few weeks.

First up, Santa brought me tickets to the 2012 Northeast Organic Farming Association Winter Conference! It’s next Saturday and I’m going to the John Jeavons Seminar “Food for the Future – Now”. I will be attending a three-part seminar course by Jeavons entitled “Designing and Planning your Garden/Mini-Farm for the Future” which will consist of three 1-1/2 hour sessions. The first session is “Carbon (Compost) and Calorie Crops” and will focus on growing plants like wheat, barley, rye, corn, quinoa, grapes and various other summer grains. The second session is entitled “Special Root Crops” and focuses the lecture on potatoes, garlic, parsnips, leeks, sweet potatoes, jerusalem artichokes and salsify. The final session is “Vegetables and Income Crops” which encompasses all of the other vegetable crops that “enhance the diversity of your diet with flavor and additional vitamins and minerals, plus crops that produce a large amount of income from a small area”. These crops include tomatoes, lettuce, onions, sweet corn, watermelon, cucumbers, snap beans, carrots, cantaloupe, radishes, lavender wands and basil. Hopefully, by the end of these sessions, I’ll be ready to grow most of those tasty plants! I will also be going to Jeavons’ keynote speech and I’ll cruise through the exhibitors area. I’m very excited!

I had some time off from the day job over the holidays and managed to make it over to The Armsby Abby in Worcester for a wonderful “farm to table” meal with some great friends. Their food is amazing and the beer selection supreme! I’ve got some nice photos and food pictures for you from that trip.

The hubby and I went over to the Harpoon Brewery in South Boston for a tour over the holidays. We met his fabulous cousin for a good time with a tour and tasting. I highly recommend the tour and tasting! We came home with several tasty growlers of various Harpoon brews and a better understanding of a how a craft brewer operates. Harpoon brews all of their beer between the brewery in South Boston and a smaller brewery up in Windsor, VT so they qualify as a local craft brewer. Danny has brewed his own beer in the past and we were inspired at the brewery…this year I’m going to plant some barley and hops in my garden and see if we can make a local brew of our own!

Of course I did a little cooking over my vacation too so I have some yummy recipes to share. The Wayland Winter Farmers Market started up this week so I’ll be shopping there on Saturdays in addition to the MA Local Food COOP (which we had a pick up from on Friday). I’m going to do some traveling around in the next few months and hopefully hitting some new markets, restaurants and farms. Stay tuned!



  1. amazing info..thanks Stacey and enjoy that conference!

  2. You’ve got alot “on your plate” this month Stacey! Sounds like fun -Thanks for the update.

  3. Enjoy the conference. I’ll be interested in reading your summary of it. Your passion is contagious – I’m heading to Whole Foods this morning for some top shelf produce!!

    It was great of you & Danny to go to Harpoon-Dave & I haven’t been there yet. We’ll have to get in there soon – Josh is moving to DC at the end of Feb to open up the market share for Harpoon!!

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